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Here at Reading Trade Windows, we’ve got years of experience in the construction and home improvement industry. We love working with windows, doors and roof lanterns, but we’ve also become pretty good at something else too; keeping track of standards and regulations. 

Admittedly, when we first started, we didn’t expect to spend quite so much time on this, but it’s an integral part of the trade. We’re proud to be fully compliant with modern guidance, and you can always rely on us to meet all our legal requirements. Crucially, we also need to know how they impact customers. With this in mind, we thought we’d take a moment to briefly explain one of the more important developments of the last ten years.

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The CDM Regulations 2015

There have been multiple updates to construction regulations in the last decade, but the majority are minor alterations that only professionals need to be concerned about. However, the Construction Design Management (CDM) Regulations 2015 are worth explaining to your domestic customers.

We’ll skip most of the legal jargon, but to sum up; the CDM Regulations 2015 ensure that any construction work is completed safely and legally. It also has to offer good value and be of a high standard. These regulations officially came into effect in April 2015 and replaced the previous ones, which dated back to 2007. If a building crew or supplier fails to comply with them, they can face severe penalties and fines. 

Letting your customers know about the CRM Regulations in advance helps to foster trust. It’ll reassure them that they have legal recourse if anything goes awry and also sends a clear signal that you take the project seriously. Homeowners place lots of faith in construction workers, and it’s entirely understandable that they might get nervous when strangers wearing hard hats and high-vis jackets start fundamentally altering their houses. If they know where to turn if things don’t go according to plan, they’ll be less likely to have second thoughts. 

How Reading Trade Windows Meets The CDM Regulations

Ever since we first opened our doors, we’ve had dedicated members of staff who keep abreast of current regulations. They are fully versed in the current guidelines and are responsible for relaying that information to the rest of our team. If you work with Reading Trade Windows, you can depend on exceptional products, professional conduct and value for money.

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It’s unlikely that anything will go wrong, but from our experience, we know that a well-informed customer is a happier one. Installing new windows, doors, or roof lanterns is exciting but it can also be stressful. Keeping homeowners updated helps put their minds at ease and leads to healthier, more productive work environments. 

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