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At Reading Trade Windows, we have many years of experience supplying aluminium bifold windows in Reading and its surrounding areas. Your product range will benefit massively from aluminium bifold windows, as they are a highly desirable product for homeowners. Offering slim sightlines, anyone can enjoy stunning panoramic views across their property. Aluminium profiles are soaring in popularity due to their many benefits, including energy efficiency and security, for total peace of mind. Not only that, but they are the perfect accompaniment for bifold doors to compound the feeling of a much bigger and brighter space.

Our bifold windows are available with either supply only or supply fit options. As a trusted local company, we pride ourselves on high performance products. Our experience and expertise in the industry allow us to offer exceptional customise service. Get your next project underway today with a free, competitive quote for bifold windows from Reading Trade Windows. Our high quality aluminium bifold windows are sourced from market-leaders. There are so many advantages to working with us, and choosing these products, that you're sure to be impressed. Customise your bespoke bifold windows, either supply only or supply and fit, and get your free quote today.

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Low Maintenance – Bifold windows stay looking for their best many years and require very little upkeep. Their low maintenance profiles are easy to clean when you need to, with just a damp cloth with soapy water. That way, they can look and perform at their best for longer.
Bespoke Builds – Our aluminium bifold windows are tailored to your exact style. You can choose from a wide variety of RAL colours which maximises your choice, while you can also opt for plenty of designs and different configurations, bespoke for your project.
Thermal Efficiency – Your bifold window is excellent at keeping any property warm and comfortable all year round. Its double glazed profiles offer impressively low U Values, while the slim but robust profiles will trap warm heat indoors. This helps give them outstanding thermal retention.
Excellent Lifespan – Our aluminium bifold windows will last for many years. Homeowners can enjoy the benefits of these designs without worrying about when they might need to be replaced. In fact, our bifold windows can last between 25-40 years, making them ideal for any homeowner.
Fast Lead Times – Get your next project started as soon as possible and enjoy fast lead times. When you choose RTW, you'll have your new bifold windows with you as soon as possible. We source our windows from leading manufacturers, so they'll be created quickly and bespoke to you.
Vetted – You can feel confident that your aluminium bifold window has been rigorously tested to ensure that it meets our high standards. Equally, our qualified and experienced team have the technical knowledge and customer service skills to provide you with the products and information you need.
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Origin Platinum Partnership Status

We’re incredibly proud to announce that we are one of only seven companies in the world that have been awarded Origin Platinum Partnership status. Our 13 year relationship with them has ensured that we are the leading provider of their products in the Reading area.

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