Case Study: Tilehurst Roof Lantern Installation

It’s time for another case study. This month at Reading Trade Windows, we want to highlight a roof lantern installation we were involved in. Our colleagues at Abbey Windows were approached by a gentleman interested in changing the roof of his extension. The project was just down the road from us in Tilehurst, and when the customer decided on a new roof lantern, we were more than happy to help supply and install one. 

Mr Bell was having trouble with the light in his extension. He was an avid reader and liked to relax with the latest bestseller, but the room wasn’t bright enough, and he didn’t want to spend too much money by having the lights permanently switched on. He’d never considered a roof lantern, but it seemed like a natural choice when we found out his needs. 

Tilehurst Roof Lantern

Installing A New Aluminium Roof Lantern

We supply innovative aluminium roof lanterns across Reading and the surrounding areas. The one that Mr Bell chose was a classic example. It was one of the smaller variants, but the increased glazing area captures natural light beautifully. We positioned it centrally where the blue solar glass blended with the slate rooftop. The sleek profile gave it a stylish, modern aesthetic, and he was delighted with the finished product. 

He was especially pleased to learn that his new installation wouldn’t rust or fade over time. The aluminium was weather-resistant and durable, while the powder-coated finish would ensure the paint looked fresh and new. Almost immediately, he noticed an improvement in the thermal efficiency too. Our roof lanterns are designed to help manage internal temperatures, so he used his central heating less. All that extra light meant he didn’t need to rely on his electricity as much, so his lighting bills dropped too. Mr Bell was delighted that he could now relax and get lost in a paperback without a hefty bill hanging over his head.

Tilehurst Roof Lantern Installation

Modern Roof Lanterns From Reading Trade Windows

As you can see from the photos, this roof lantern was a wonderful addition to Mr Bell’s home. It transformed his living space and made it more useable, and we’re very proud to have been involved. 

Mr Bell is just one customer who has benefited from a modern roof lantern. Here at Reading Trade Windows, we pride ourselves on excellent products, low lead times and reliable installations. Our roof lanterns are perfect for any of your customers who want a contemporary new addition to their homes. They’re also remarkably easy to install, thanks to their innovative designs and lightweight materials. 

If you want to start designing a roof lantern project, why not get in touch today? We supply roof lanterns for both residential and business use. If you’d like further information, you can email us at or call us on 0118 338 1600. Our experts are ready, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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