Case Study: A Reading Roof Lantern

We’re turning the clock back a few years for this month’s case study. Back in 2017, we were involved in a roof lantern installation project in our hometown of Reading. Working with our regular collaborators Abbey Windows, we helped provide a picturesque and high-performance new lantern for a local resident.

White roof lantern

Improving A Roof With Ultra Frame

This gentleman was referred by one of his neighbours after experiencing problems with draughts and loud noises in his extension. He lived near a busy road and was getting fed up with the traffic going past, not to mention how cold it got during the winter months. He wanted to increase the light levels too, as the room was dimly lit. We had just the solution.

As part of a larger refurbishment, we worked with him on fixing a new roof lantern. This allowed him to maximise the amount of light during the day and enjoy uninterrupted views of the sky at night. He went with a rectangular lantern from Ultra Frame, and was extremely pleased with the finish. The thermal qualities of the lantern stop heat from escaping and allowed him to stay comfortable, as well as reducing the noise of the road outside. He can now relax without having to wear multiple layers of clothing or earplugs to block the roar of the lorries. 

Modern Benefits Of Ultra Frame Roof Lanterns

What made this especially rewarding was that he initially wasn’t convinced a roof lantern was the right choice. He’d seen how much of the surface was glass and assumed they must be flimsy things; good for decoration but unable to withstand the elements and easy to damage. He was pleasantly surprised to discover that Ultra Frame roof lanterns are made with high-grade aluminium frames and double glazing. They are inherently durable and long-lasting, keeping the worst efforts of Mother Nature at bay.

skypod roof lantern

He was also concerned about his carbon footprint, so learning more about aluminium was music to his ears. It’s one of the most abundant metals on Earth and is widely recycled, so when his roof lantern eventually reaches the end of its life, the materials can be reused. As a bonus, the improved thermal insulation helped reduce his heating costs, which in turn means lower emissions and less strain on the local power grid. Ultra Frame roof lanterns not only withstand high winds and violent storms, but they can also help keep the planet green.

This job was a while ago but it was a rewarding and memorable one. This gentleman was very pleased with the result; his extension is cosier, better lit and most importantly, quieter now. It’s always a pleasure to help the people of Reading and the surrounding areas improve their lives and we thoroughly enjoyed working on this installation.

If you’re working on a similar job and want to see how Reading Trade Windows can help, why not contact us? We are proud to serve the local community and can’t wait to see what we can do for you. 

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