Case Study: Modern Meets Traditional With Origin Windows And Doors

As we head into midsummer, we thought we’d shine a spotlight on another of our case studies. We’ve looked at a lot of renovations and replacements in the past few months, so for the sake of variety, let’s look at a new build! Back in 2017, we became involved in a house-building project for the Parker family and it was a big success. 

The Parkers had purchased a plot of land in picturesque surroundings and wanted to build their dream house. Their builder put them in touch with our long-term collaborators at Abbey Windows and we discovered the job through them. We helped this family create a delightful new home and couldn’t be more proud of the results.

origin doors and windows installed

UPVC Or Aluminium Doors?

The Parkers were hoping to incorporate some stylish bi-folding doors into their new build, along with similarly-designed windows to complete the aesthetic. Their builder initially suggested UPVC ones, but after some discussion, they opted to go for aluminium instead. After shopping around and conducting their own research, the family selected Origin

This did raise the pressure on their budget and cost them about £5000 more, but when they saw the benefits, they knew it was worth it. There are several advantages to aluminium bi-fold doors; durability, thinner sightlines, and superior thermal performance. The Parkers felt these all offset the higher price tag and made the doors into a serious long-term investment.

origin doors and windows

Superior Aluminium Windows

With their research complete, the Parker family went for two sets of three-door bi-folds in the rear of the property. These were complemented by a set of aluminium casement windows to complete the look. We were able to get approval from both husband and wife, despite their different tastes. Mr Parker was a fan of modern installations while Mrs Parker preferred the traditional, but they were equally enthusiastic about their new doors and windows. 

The anthracite grey windows certainly have that contemporary touch, but they also have a hint of heritage thanks to their mid rails. The modern colours and designs mesh perfectly with the traditional oak front doors and solid timber beams of the house; it’s a classic example of the old-fashioned and the modern coming together to create a welcoming, distinctive character. 

open origin windows

This property now benefits from an abundance of light, not to mention a near-seamless transition between home and garden. When we first met the Parkers, they told us that their main objective was to get superior views of the local landscape. Thanks to some exceptional Origin aluminium bi-fold doors, they feel closer to nature and love their house. 

This project was another rewarding experience. We always enjoy working alongside Origin and Abbey and the Parkers were a delightful family too. If you’re working on a similar job and want to see how Reading Trade Windows can assist, why not contact us? We can’t wait to hear from you. 

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