The Benefits Of Roof Lanterns

You may have already seen our recent case study about a roof lantern in Tilehurst. It was an extremely rewarding project, and it reminded us of the many advantages that roof lanterns provide. Consequently, we wanted to expand on this in a follow-up article and take a more detailed look at the benefits of roof lanterns. Here at Reading Trade Windows, we’ve been supplying roof lanterns for homes in Reading and the surrounding areas for years. We’ve picked up a thing or two and think they make an ideal addition to any home. Read on to learn more.

Roof lanterns

A Brighter Home

The biggest selling point for roof lanterns is that they dramatically increase the amount of light in the home. The raised profile and extra surface area mean the sunlight hits them from multiple angles, so they help rooms stay brightly lit for longer. This is especially beneficial during the winter; extra daylight improves your mood, reduces blood pressure and aids with the body’s natural sleep cycle. During the shorter, darker days, it’s easy to experience lower moods, and a roof lantern can help keep you feeling positive.

Better Views

You also get better views with a roof lantern. The wide glazing area means you get more sky and less plaster in your eye line. British weather isn’t always the best, but you’ll get full, unimpeded views while relaxing beneath your roof lantern. The sound of rain drumming on the glass can be wonderfully soothing, and having a clear blue sky overhead while eating dinner is lovely.

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Exceptional Energy Efficiency

Aside from the aesthetics, roof lanterns can also help with your energy bills. When fitted with double glazing, they can achieve u-values as low as 1.0W/m2K. This makes it easier to regulate your home’s temperature, so you’ll spend less on heating and cooling. Thanks to their future savings on your bills, it’s wise to consider a roof lantern as a long-term investment. And speaking of which…

Increased Property Value

Roof lanterns are stylish, contemporary installations, so they’ll make your home look cutting-edge. This will add kerb appeal and increase the value, so if you decide to move out, you can expect a higher asking price. It’s impossible to put an exact figure on it, but attractive homes are worth more, and roof lanterns are very eye-catching. They’re also reasonably affordable, and you won’t have to spend an extravagant amount to get one. As a final temptation, they don’t usually require planning permission, so there’s less paperwork to complete.

Roof Lantern Trade Prices

We supply and fit high-quality roof lanterns at Reading Trade Windows. If you’re looking to take advantage of overhead light, why not check out products like the Atlas or the Ultrasky Lantern in our roof lanterns section? If you’ve been inspired and want to start working on an overhead glazing project, you can start with an online quote today. You can also email us at or call us on 0118 338 1600 to learn more.

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