Roof Lantern Or Skylight: What’s The Difference?

Increasing the glazing on your roof is a great way to brighten up your home. Here at Reading Trade Windows, we’ve had several enquiries from installers about our range of roof lanterns and how their customers can benefit from them. We’ve also noticed that sometimes, they’re referred to as ‘skylights.’ 

By now, you’re probably wondering what the issue is. Skylights and roof lanterns are the same things, right? Well, actually no. They’re two different products. There are similarities, and mixing them up is easy, but they’re not the same thing. Here’s a brief explanation of the differences between roof lanterns and skylights.

Roof Lantern

Skylights Versus Roof Lanterns

First, let’s look at what they’ve got in common. Skylights and roof lanterns are glazing options designed to be installed on roofs. They’re great choices for increasing the amount of light in a room; when the sun is overhead, the rays beam straight down into your house and fill it with a warm, welcoming glow. 

The difference is in how they’re fitted. Roof lanterns are installed on flat roofs and made from multiple glazed panels protruding upwards. They add extra height to a roof and are perfect for orangeries or flat-topped extensions. 

In contrast, skylights are usually flat and fitted directly into the roof at the same angle. Unlike lanterns, they can be placed on pitched roofs, so they’re a popular choice for attic extensions. This makes them more versatile than roof lanterns, but they don’t let in as much light. 

skylight roof lantern

The Benefits Of Roof Lanterns And Skylights

Roof lanterns and skylights play a big part in the overall aesthetic of your home. For example, if you’re replacing a glass conservatory roof with a solid one, you might want to include a roof lantern. It’ll allow your extension to remain well-lit, but they offer better thermal efficiency and make it easier to manage the temperature.

That aside, they can also increase your property value. Roof lanterns are very fashionable at the moment, and installing one will make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Skylights are proving popular too and are usually the less expensive option. They’re ideal for homeowners working with tighter budgets and don’t require planning permission either. There’s less paperwork to complete, and they make a stylish addition to the home. 

roof lantern and skylight

Roof Lanterns And Skylights With Reading Trade Windows

We supply and fit high-quality roof lanterns and skylights at Reading Trade Windows. If you’re looking to take advantage of overhead light, why not check out products like the Eurocell Skypod or the InfiniLIGHT in our roof lanterns section? If you’ve been inspired and want to start working on an overhead glazing project, you can start with an online quote today. Alternatively, if you’d like further information, email us at or call us on 0118 338 1600 to learn more.

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