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Here at Reading Trade Windows, we’ve been involved in multiple jobs that require internal aluminium screens. A lot of the time it’s for office buildings and that makes sense; aluminium doors are a great way to divide up a workplace without isolating any of the employees and business leaders love them. 

However, we’d argue that they’re just as good in homes as they are in the workplace. Internal aluminium doors tend to be overlooked when it comes to domestic projects, but they can make a dramatic difference. If you’re working on an interior decorating or renovation plan, here’s how internal doors can benefit it.

internal screens for office in home

Stylish Internal Screen Doors

Aluminium doors are a great way to give homes a distinctive, modern vibe and increase the sense of space. Because they have such wide glazing areas, internal doors like the Origin OI30 allow people to separate rooms but still have uninterrupted views. For example; if your client wants to section off part of a lounge and turn it into a study, an internal screen door is the perfect choice. The study will be partitioned into a separate room, but it won’t be dark or dingy and it won’t make the house feel smaller or more compact. And if the owner wants to increase the sense of space, all they have to do is open the screen door and it’ll turn into one grand room again. 

Using internal screens adds a degree of sophistication and luxury as well. Unlike regular household doors, they have slimmer profiles and an ultra-modern aesthetic. For anyone who wants a striking, cutting-edge vibe, aluminium screens are an obvious choice. The door designers were inspired by industrial style Art Deco but with an added contemporary twist, and they’re bound to leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits. 

Modern Benefits

While internal screen doors have a major visual appeal, they’re not just good-looking. They offer several advantages over their alternatives too, such as improved thermal efficiency. There is a misconception that aluminium is no good at retaining heat, but the opposite is true. The metal doors might be cold to the touch, but they have excellent heat-retention qualities and can help to keep a house warm. 

They’re durable too. We’ve talked about the strength and resilience of aluminium before, but it’s always worth repeating; it’s second only to steel. Origin interior screens are built to last and can be relied upon for years. They’re incredibly hardy and won’t dent or scratch easily. Plus, they’re available in multiple configurations and can be made bespoke to order. All the advantages they bring to offices can be applied to the home, and as many of us work remotely nowadays, we expect they’ll only get more popular. 

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In short, while they may be more common in workplace environments, don’t rule out internal screens for domestic use. They’re a stylish, long-lasting and energy-efficient way to separate different rooms. While we certainly love the charm of old-fashioned doors, when the sun comes out and the entire house lights up, you’ll understand the benefits of aluminium screens.

If you’d like to learn more about aluminium internal doors for home use, you are more than welcome to contact us. Our expert staff are on hand and happy to answer any questions. Get in touch today and let’s see what we can create together.

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