How Composite Doors Help Save Money On Energy Bills

Now more than ever, the cost of living crisis and the rising price of energy bills are hot topics. And given the news, this looks to continue until the end of the year and beyond. As such, it’s only natural that homeowners everywhere are looking for ways they can save money on their household heating bills.

That’s where composite doors come in. Compared to older timber profiles and even some uPVC, composite doors are much more energy efficient. This is because they are created under pressure and from multiple materials to deliver exceptional results. Composite doors create a thermal barrier at the front of a property that keeps warmth inside and stops cold air from coming through. Homeowners will not only need to reach for the thermostat less often, but when they do, the heat will stay inside for longer.

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Here at Reading Trade Windows, we understand that customers’ needs drive the market. If it matters to homeowners, it should also matter to the builders and installers they work with. That’s why we want to keep you informed on the topical and increasingly important subject of energy efficiency, so you can understand exactly how composite doors will help your customers save on heating bills.

Thermal Performance of Composite Doors

Compared to doors made from a single material like timber or uPVC, composite doors are often much more energy efficient. An easy way to understand this is through U values. The average solid oak timber door might have a U value of around 3. A decent composite door, like an Endurance Door, or Solidor for example, has a typical U value of 1.8. These numbers really put energy efficiency into perspective and help homeowners make an informed decision on how they can keep the cost of living down this winter. 

Just because they are engineered with energy efficiency in mind doesn’t mean your customers have to compromise on other aspects of their composite doors. We supply doors with a wide range of customisation options available. The colours, styles, and hardware can all be tailored to individual tastes, and nobody will have to compromise on looks for the sake of energy efficiency. 

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Other Ways To Save On Energy Bills

That’s not to say that replacing a front door is the ‘be all and end all’ of home energy efficiency solutions. There are plenty of other ways to save on heating bills too. If upgrading to a composite door isn’t on the cards right now, homeowners are by no means out of options. Similarly, these other options can help to save even more when deployed alongside a new front door, and who wouldn’t want to lower their bills as much as possible? 

For instance, replacing windows is an excellent way to improve a home’s thermal performance. If your customers have single-glazed windows, they’ll likely find that they’re losing a lot of heat through this pane of glass and are letting in the cold too. Equally, if they have timber windows, these are more susceptible to warping and cracking over time, so the frames could also let in a chill. Upgrade to double glazing, and they’ll find that they can save money in the long run. 

Front Door Colour Options

Save Money On Your Bills With A Composite Door

Here at Reading Trade Windows, we’re passionate about delivering high-quality products that meet the needs the industry. 

If your customers are looking for ways to save money on their energy bills (and let’s face it – who isn’t right now?), look no further. Our energy-efficient composite doors are better suited to keeping the heat indoors than outdated single-material profiles like timber and uPVC. We have a long-standing relationship with our expert manufacturers like Endurance and Solidor, so why not get in touch today? Contact us to find out more. 

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