Case Study: Replacing Wooden Windows In Reading

It’s time for another case study and this one was very close to home. Our regular collaborators Abbey Windows contacted us about a window replacement project and we were very happy to be involved. This was a classic example of a Reading Trade Windows job and showcases how a routine upgrade can transform a home. Plus, it had the added benefit of only being a short drive away.

replacing wooden windows

Replacing Wooden Windows With Aluminium

This customer got in touch because their old windows were no longer fit for purpose. They’d been in place for many years and were showing their age. They were wooden windows with slim profiles and had once been delightful, but had degraded over time and required constant maintenance. They were also draughty and affected the household energy bills.

After a brief consultation, we quickly removed the old timber windows and installed a set of stylish aluminium ones. These were a natural choice; aluminium is an incredibly strong material so could offer the same slender sightlines and the windows were customised to match the existing aesthetic. 

They also dramatically improved the energy efficiency. These windows offered lower U-values and made it far easier to keep the house warm and comfortable. This meant less reliance on central heating or air conditioning, so the customer’s bills dropped significantly. And of course, aluminium is much tougher than wood, so these windows are safer than their predecessors. Any opportunistic burglars would have a hard time breaking through these profiles, and the sophisticated modern locking systems were an improvement as well.

Rapid Installation

Replacing windows is one of our most requested job types, so over the years we’ve gotten very good at it. We quickly sourced the new windows from our reliable friends at Origin and our expert fitters managed to install them without a hitch. They also tidied up after themselves and we received some glowing remarks on how speedy and professional they were. 

These new aluminium windows have made a real difference to this house and we were very pleased with the results. We managed to maintain the classic look, while simultaneously improving energy efficiency and home security. It’s also worth mentioning that their new windows were much lower maintenance as well; they’re built to last and won’t need repairing or repainting half as much. This customer loved their aluminium casement windows, but these aren’t the only ones available. If you’re working on a home improvement project in Reading and need metal Gable End windows or Bow windows, we can help.

Double Glazing Suppliers Berkshire

For all of our staff, this was a routine project but for the customer, it was a big change. Removing and replacing windows can seem daunting at first, but with the right products and expert advice, it can make everything easier. If you’re working on a similar job and want to see how we can assist, why not contact us today? We can’t wait to hear from you.

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