Case Study: Extending A Bungalow With An Orangery

It’s been a while since we wrote about one of our case studies, but we’ve got a great one this month. At Reading Trade Windows, we’re privileged to work alongside several highly respected names from the UK home improvement industry and this time, we want to focus on one in particular; Ultraframe

Specialists in conservatories, orangeries, garden rooms and just about any type of extension you can name, Ultraframe have established a glowing reputation over the years. They’ve become a byword for stylish, cutting-edge extensions and when we became involved in this local project, Ultraframe were our first choice.

Bungalow Extensions

Like a lot of our recent work, we first discovered this job thanks to our long-term partners at Abbey Windows. A local resident was hoping to extend their bungalow and create a fluid threshold between the house and garden. The space at the rear of their property felt limited and they wanted to extend it to create a more open, social space. 

When we discussed the details, we quickly realised that a new orangery was just the thing. It would help provide a more economical space, while the extensive glazing would fill it with natural light. We recommended an Edwardian-style orangery and they readily agreed. 

Increasing Natural Light

Once we had the green light, we got to work and soon, this customer had a delightful new orangery to enjoy. It integrated a classic Ultraframe roof, designed to capture the sunlight from multiple angles and bring it indoors. This extension feels bright, airy and welcoming. The customer was extremely pleased and made several mentions of the home being bigger and more open than it previously was. 

They supplemented the design with a new set of French doors. The French doors are the “main ones,” installed centrally and leading directly to the garden, but they also included a set of bi-folding doors in the side of the orangery. These took up nearly an entire wall and when fully extended, make the gap between the house and nature all but nonexistent. When the time comes for entertaining on warm summer days, this homeowner will have no trouble opening the house up and turning his entire property into one big social space. The cherry on the top was a series of uPVC windows, bringing even more light into the home.

Equipped with industry-leading technology and components, this Ultraframe orangery has extended and broadened this home, transforming into a wide open living space. This is perfect for big social gatherings but also is a stylish and homey place to relax and unwind. This project was delightful and we loved how it turned out.

If this has left you feeling inspired and you want to get started on your own orangery ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Get started by contacting us and let’s see what we can build together. 

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