Case Study: Calcot Bi-Fold Doors

Autumn is rapidly approaching, but before the evenings draw in and the leaves turn brown, let’s look at another case study. This month, we wanted to shine a spotlight on a project in Calcot. Alongside our regular collaborators Abbey Windows, we were asked to install a set of aluminium bi-fold doors and we were more than happy to take part. 

bifold door case study

Customised Doors For Calcot Homes

For this job, the customer had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve; creating a wide open space with a luxurious vibe. However, they had concerns about the cost and the potential disruption and were worried it might be more trouble than it was worth. We were soon able to put their mind at rest and when the dust settled, they were delighted with the results. 

We’ve been working with aluminium bi-folding doors for years now and were able to give expert advice. They ultimately decided on a set of pristine aluminium bi-fold doors from Origin (another of our frequent partners) and we were able to complete the work quickly and efficiently. We kept the disruption to a minimum and the customer was very pleased with the competitive price too. Some of the children looked disappointed that the finished doors weren’t the vibrant banana yellow they liked, but this was their parent’s decision, not ours. Sorry kids, but they look fantastic even if they aren’t your preferred colour. 

High-Quality Aluminium Doors

This customer was attracted to Origin bi-fold doors because of the wide customisation options. They were able to choose the perfect bespoke opening, with the door sliding from the centre back to the walls, giving them maximum style and functionality. This is just one example of the available colours, fold configurations and panel options; there’s a whole world of possible door designs out there.

white calcot bifold

Significantly, we also ensured that they didn’t compromise their home safety. The last thing anyone would want is to spend money on a major home renovation and then discover their house is less secure. That won’t happen with Origin’s bi-fold doors. They are fitted with up-to-date locking systems to confound attempted break-ins, and despite the slim profiles, are remarkably tough. Aluminium is second only to steel in terms of strength, so any opportunistic burglars who view these doors as a weak spot will be very disappointed. They’ll be stuck outside, frustrated and empty-handed while your family and valuables remain secure. 

This Calcot resident was very pleased with the finished doors and only got happier when his next energy bill arrived. “We expected, as the doors are aluminium, for our heating costs to rise, but in fact, they have been lowered. There are no draughts, and our home was lovely and cosy all through the winter. For once, the quarterly bill arrived and we were pleasantly surprised.” 

These doors made a dramatic difference to the aesthetics, security and thermal efficiency of this Calcot home and this was another highly rewarding project for Reading Trade Windows. If you’re working on a similar job and want to see how we can assist, why not get in touch today? We can’t wait to hear from you.

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