Are Roof Lanterns Noisy In The Rain?

We love roof lanterns here at Reading Trade Windows. They’ve been a staple of European architecture for hundreds of years and for good reason; roof lanterns can transform a property. Whether it’s a house, an office block, or an enormous swimming complex, installing roof lanterns will bathe it in light and brighten up your days. 

However, one thing tends to put people off buying them; rain. There is a belief that glass roof lanterns must be uncomfortably loud in bad weather. So, we thought we’d take a moment to put a few minds to rest. If your customers are worried about their new overhead glazing being noisy, here’s what you can tell them.

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Roof Lanterns Are Not Noisy

In a nutshell, roof lanterns are not noisy, even in the most severe weather. You might think that a thousand raindrops hitting the glass would be deafening, but that’s not the case. Homeowners will notice a gentle, background drumming noise when it rains, but that’s it. Some of them may even like it; sitting beneath an overhead window and listening to the patter of the rain is surprisingly relaxing. 

This is because of modern technology and manufacturing techniques. Lanterns, roof lights and all other types of roof-mounted windows are fitted with double glazing as standard, which does wonders for noise insulation. The gap between the panes of glass absorbs and muffles the noise of the rain, and if your customer wishes they can even go a step further and get triple glazing. This ensures that even in the most biblical rainstorms, their homes will remain quiet and calm. 

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Metal Framed Lanterns

Aside from the glass, the metal frames might also explain why people think roof lanterns would be noisy. Some of ours are made of aluminium, so surely when the rain hits them, it’ll make a persistent rattling noise, right? Well yes, but the only way you’d hear it is if you were stood outside next to it. Anyone who’s indoors won’t notice anything. 

It’s also worth pointing out that as well as keeping homes quiet, these roof lanterns will also keep them dry. They’re designed to be incredibly resilient and waterproof; your clients can watch streams of rainwater run off them, safe in the knowledge that they won’t leak. And because the frames don’t have any timber in them, they won’t absorb any moisture and suffer from rot or mould. Older roof lanterns were prone to weather damage, but whether your customers prefer uPVC or aluminium, their new installation will last for decades. 

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So in summary, no, roof lanterns are not noisy when it’s raining. In fact, they’re quieter than comparable installations like conservatories or classic orangeries. If you have a glass-roofed conservatory at home, stand in it next time the heavens open and you’ll hear more than you would under a roof lantern. 

With all this in mind, you can understand why we have full confidence in our roof lanterns and skylights. If you’d like to include on in your next building project, you are more than welcome to contact us. Get in touch today and let’s work together. 

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